Business strategy

From our years of experience and from our own research, we believe business strategy is the art of survival, winning, sustaining and maintaining an organisation’s competitive edge. Unfortunately, the rapid change of external environmental variables continues to impinge on the outcome of the best laid-out organisation strategy. And this is where CJE expertise and experience becomes invaluable assets to our clients as most business leaders and business owners need impartial advice.

Some of these leaders and business owners understand their business objectives. However, they failed or lacked the understanding of the dynamics of external factors and its impact on the long-term in order to develop a coherent road-map that focuses on the business goals and objectives.

 The direction and success of the business depends upon the business owner/leader’s ability to make the correct decisions. Such strategic decisions should therefore be based on the following strategic questions for examples:

  • What is the business environment like in terms of the market and consumer buying behaviour, technology, economy, politics/legal, social trends?
  • Does the company need to diversify its service?
  • Is the company structured correctly?
  • How does the company maximise its value?
  • How does the company achieve the growth they need?
  • What resources does the company need and what’s the best way to raise funding/investment?
  • Is it the right time to sell the business?
  • What is the exit strategy?

The answers to these questions for decision (s) to be made require careful internal and external analysis, prioritisation, consideration of the impact, financial planning, and execution.

At CJE, we will help and support our clients to answer those strategic questions, provide insights, thoughtful and logical answers and solutions.  Our business strategy team is led by our most experienced staff who have the experience of running or consulting for many businesses, in various sectors usually, at director/board level.

CJE will assist and support clients to find a strategy that’s in alignment with the operating condition of their business. Our service is usually delivered in one of two ways:

  • Business consultancy – typically responding to an issue or working on a defined project. We meet with you to understand the particular project, it’s aims and challenges. We then work together over a period of days and weeks to push forward and complete the project.
  • Regular meetings – where we meet with you periodically (normally monthly/ quarterly) to review the performance of your company together.